We are the Education Developer for Arizona Commercial Real Estate

Champion builds schools. Specifically, Champion understands that an outstanding education often transpires in a non-traditional setting. As a result, Champion is actively engaged in helping the owners of schools plan, entitle, design, develop and construct the optimal space for their educational facility. From the early planning stages to the grand opening celebration and beyond, Champion is there to ensure that the school opens on time, in budget, and in a cooperative relationship. The end result is a successful project for Champion and a Remarkable Delivery™ for the school owner.

Champion is committed to exceptional service and quality behind the owner’s vision and commitment.  This commitment has two rewards: the school owner’s dream of running their own school comes true; and Champion has a quality, viable, neighborhood-friendly investment with a committed, long term tenant. Who benefits? First and foremost, the children who will attend those fine schools.  But also, the school, Champion’s investors and Champion.

Champion has made a name for itself as the developer for private and charter schools. With three schools successfully in place and expansions on the horizon, Champion is confident in their ability to service this particular niche. To further meet this growing need Champion has joined the Arizona Charter School Association and we are knowledgeable in how a new school obtains its charter, grants and state funding that are available, and how those funds can be used.

Preschool Development History

Carebear Preschool at Marketplace Fulton Ranch

Charter School Development History

Santan Learning Center

Montessori School Development

Montessori in the park logo

Champion is a recurring guest on a local 1100AM talk radio show that focuses on charter schools and business to business marketing.  This relationship affords Champion an opportunity to network, to tell our story about how we have successfully opened schools and how we have a passion for developing educational sites in the future.

Champion continues to raise the bar of excellence. Champion demonstrates tenacity, flexibility, and expertise to resolve all problems, and provide exceptional service and support to our tenants. Champion consistently delivers an experience to each and every owner – The Champion Experience™, to make their dreams come true through a Remarkable Delivery™.