Preschool Development

By Adam Lyons in : Commercial Real Estate // Oct 27 2010

Carebear Preschool at Marketplace Fulton RanchCarebear Preschool, Marketplace at Fulton Ranch

(NWC Chandler Heights and Arizona Avenue, Chandler)

When Champion met Carrie, she was an experienced preschool operator looking for a new home for her existing preschool. Although she excelled in the preschool arena she needed help with the design, permitting and construction aspect of the project.  Enter Champion.  Working as a team under Champion’s direction, Carrie’s architect and Champion’s contractor created a beautiful school.

The project was not without challenges. Carrie voiced a concern to a Champion Advocate that some of the classrooms were smaller than she had envisioned after approving them on the plans. Champion temporarily stopped construction to address her concerns. Typically a major redesign during construction could put a project severely behind schedule and over budget. Champion called an immediate onsite meeting to resolve the issue and solve the problem. A plan modification was submitted, and within two weeks the walls, electrical, and air conditioning ducts were relocated. Because of Champion’s rapport with their contractor, the remaining work was accelerated without an increase in cost. The preschool opened on time with many happy children benefiting from the project.  Soon after opening, the school was at full capacity with a waiting list. Carrie has since expanded to her second location, and is considering opening an infant care facility at the original Champion site.