A special process created by Ricky Lyons, owner of Champion, helps commercial tenants and buyers open their business faster, smarter and more profitably.

“New commercial tenants—who want to avoid wasting time and money—need a landlord who will help them develop and implement a strategic plan to move into their new premises faster, more efficiently, and more profitably,” says Ricky Lyons, the CEO and Conductor of Champion Partnerships LLLP, a commercial real estate development company operating throughout Maricopa County, Arizona.

While Lyons specifically addresses retail and office tenants here, he says that “the Tenant Advocacy Experience™ applies and is replicated for our sale of office condominium products to users/buyers, known as The Buyer Advocacy Experience™. Inherent to both experiences is that Champion has assembled a group of Partners in Advocacy to complete transactions.”

“Most landlords take very little interest in the overall success or failure of their tenants,” Lyons says. “They simply provide the location, sign a lease, collect the rent, and leave the tenant alone.”

“Unfortunately, the lack of assistance from landlords can be a real problem for new tenants, especially those who do not have a lot of experience opening a business,” Lyons adds. “Left alone, many tenants run into trouble moving into a new location. They often don’t anticipate all of the start-up costs associated with a new space, or they have problems raising enough capital. They might also hire the wrong contractors, or experience delays with permits. As a result, their business may not open on schedule, they may waste a lot of valuable time and money, and they may also experience a lot of unnecessary stress.”

Lyons says he developed The Advocacy Experience™ because he wants to make sure that all of his tenants achieve their full potential.

“In fact, many of our new tenants are surprised that we spend so much time with them. They never expected their landlord to take such an active interest in their situation. But they appreciate it. They know they can call us any time if they have a problem, and we will try our best to solve it.”

If we can foresee a problem, we try to tackle it early. If the tenant has a problem, they know they can call us immediately.

As an illustration, Lyons cites the example of a tenant opening a new women’s exercise facility.
“He understood the fitness industry, but had not previously opened his own store,” Lyons says. “As his move was progressing, the municipality put a hold on his permit due to a problem with fire regulations. The opening of his club could have been delayed significantly, but he called us, and we came up with an innovative solution that satisfied the fire department. Due to our intervention he was able to open his store 20 days early. In all cases, we try to be as involved as possible. If we can foresee a problem, we try to tackle it early. If the tenant has a problem, they know they can call us immediately. We have an open door policy, and I let them know they can talk to me.”

“We have developed an incredible network of support —capital partners, architects, contractors, engineers, leasing and sales broker and title companies. Each person has been carefully chosen based on our experience working with them for many years.”
“That’s one of the great things about our process,” Lyons continues. “They don’t have to do this alone. They can do it properly and faster, and get the help they need from a coordinated team of consultants. In most cases, landlords simply follow the lease by the letter. If it’s not in the lease, they won’t do it. But we take a different approach. If some assistance will help our tenant become more successful, we will try to do it as long as it is reasonable and realistic.”

Looking to the future, Lyons envisions further improvements and refinements to The Tenant Advocacy Experience™.

“This process is based on a very sound philosophy—that the success of our tenants has a direct bearing on our success. If our tenants prosper, we will prosper. That is why we are committed to continually making this process better and better. It will mean greater success for us, and for our tenants.”