Champion Team ModelChampion’s Partners in Advocacy

Ricky LyonsCEO & Conductor

Ricky Lyons left Edmonton, Canada in 1983 as a practicing real estate attorney to come to Scottsdale, Arizona to develop real estate.  Since arriving in Arizona, Ricky has been involved in the development of more than 30 projects throughout the Country.  Ricky founded Champion in 1999 and today the company has more than one million square feet of commercial real estate under development in the Valley.  As Champion’s Conductor, Ricky.s role is to create and maintain relationships, make deals, and show up.

Michael WechslerDirector of Development & Chief Advocacy Officer

Prior to joining Champion, Michael ran a successful healthcare facility on the East Coast for over a decade.  Drawn to the company’s core values and vision, he joined Champion after relocating to Arizona in 2002.  Since then, Michael has been involved in numerous retail and office projects totaling approximately one million square feet including acquisition, due diligence, entitlement, design, construction management and sale of the asset. As Champion’s Chief Advocacy Officer, Michael is committed to delivering the unparalleled “Champion Experience TM” to each Buyer and Tenant.

Stephanie Handley – Advocate

As an Advocate at Champion, Stephanie ensures that our valued buyers, tenants and prospects work their way through the development process in a quick, smart and more profitable manner.  She is dedicated to delivering the best experience possible.  With our Tenant Advocacy and Buyer Advocacy programs, Stephanie assists each client with their specific needs, beginning with the Letter of Intent and Sales and Lease Agreements to hiring an architect or contractor, or finding the right lender or supplier for the job.

Adam Lyons – COO

Adam Lyons has a broad background in software engineering and management. He has held principal engineering and management roles in a variety of companies; financial, online auctioning, internet service providers, life sciences, consulting and software development firms. His diverse technical experience continues to provide innovative management methods and problem solving skills to every affiliation. Managing teams for development informatics has been his unique ability for over 15 years. In early 2007, Adam joined Champion Partners, a commercial real estate development company. Adam, as chief operating officer of Champion Partners, now manages the strategic lending and development platform at Champion, regularly embracing his significant background in development informatics with every project.  Adam utilizes his dynamic problem solving skills and innovative ideas at Champion to create ideal solutions providing the best experience to all.